Mint Aero Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe


4oz organic process Biscuits (about twelve mcvities digestives)
3oz of liquified Butter
320g City of Brotherly Love Soft Cheese Cadbury Chocolate / City of Brotherly Love
250ml light whipping cream
2 giant Mint Aero Bars
250g powdered sugar
Soft Cheese


Crush the organic process biscuits to your preference and slowy add within the liquified butter. 
Again the butter is to your preference. 
The a lot of butter to a lot of your base can stick together
Line the tin with cling film as this helps get the cheesecake out straightforward once it's set. 
Cover the bottom of the tin with the crushed biscuit combine.
Mix along the City of Brotherly Love Soft Cheese Cadbury Chocolate and therefore the powdered sugar.
Whip the light whipping cream then add it to the mixture.
Grate the two Aero bars. 
Add concerning 3/4 of it to the mixture and blend along.
Spread the mixture on prime of the biscuit base.
Add the remainder of the grated aero to the highest of the cheesecake.
Now leave to line over night within the icebox.

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